I want to see all people choose to follow Jesus because they come to recognize him as the font of all goodness, beauty, and truth. This “coming to recognize,” and the subsequent turning of one’s mind and heart, is conversion. So my hope is to give reasons for conversion.

My main focus is the Catholic faith. It is and always has been so poorly understood, that I don’t think it improper to attempt further explanations. This, I hope, will be beneficial to those who fully hold to the teachings of the Catholic Church and to those who do not. I have a special place in my heart for those Christians who believe that the Catholic Church is not who she says she is.

The blog will address in particular those ideas which act as roadblocks to choosing Christ and his Church. Sometimes it is simply by our stubborn wills that we refuse Christ’s call: we choose our selves over him. Other times, we think we are doing the right thing, but because of ignorance or error, we choose the lesser good. If the good is shown to us more clearly, then it is easier for us to choose the greater good, who is Christ. Hence, the purpose of this blog is to reveal and demonstrate the good in a way that makes it choice-worthy.

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