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I attempt to explain the faith in ways accessible to everyone.

Having an Eschatological Mind

When I was an evangelical Protestant, I had a very eschatological mind. Like many I saw the news as a progressive revelation that we were in, or nearing, the end-times. In fact, I rarely thought about my own death because … Continue reading

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A Brief Explanation of Why I Became Catholic

It’s hard to say what was the biggest factor which led to my conversion. There were really a few factors which worked together. I think it is important to keep in mind that we don’t tend to change our minds … Continue reading

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Johnny Cash, the Piano, and the Soul

In “Sea of Heartbreak,” those leading base notes, which replace the voice heard in the original, remind us of the loneliness of lost love. They clang like the burdened soul who clangs yet wishes to ring. They ascend spasmodically like the soul of Cash did and like the souls of many of us still do. Continue reading

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